We construct, manufacture, deliver and assemble pipes with fittings, pumps and other aggregates.

We manufacture steel constructions acc. DIN 18800-7, pressure vessels and tanks acc. to AD-HP0, systems of water hazardous mediums acc. to WHG 19 l and gas- and water pipes and systems acc. to AD-HP0 or according to special guidelines.

Due to that work we use TÜV / MOT-approved welders for several welding processes, like WIG/TIG-welding, MIG-welding, MAG-welding and MMA-welding.

We certainly also offer the testing of the welding. For example X-ray examination or ultrasound examination are not a problem at all.

For some applications it might be necessary to add external inspectors to observe the welding processes. In such cases we cooperate with SLV (Schweißtechnische Lehr- und Versuchsanstalt Mannheim).


Special Benefits:

  • Individual construction according to our customer’s requirements.
  • Construction and determination acc. to our customer’s requirements.

The following material are available:

  • Steel-galvanized or coated
  • Typical stainless steels (s.s) like s.s. 304 or s.s. 316 / s.s. 316 Ti
  • Aluminium
  • For special requirements we can even offer special stainless steels like Duplex, Hastelloy, Incolloy or others


Pump station with several pipes

Pipe with injector to increase the speed and blow in a mixture of biomass and gas into the tank
Pipes with ball valves and gate valves

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